Special Events!

Regular Sunday service schedule.
Seven o’clock services each weekday evening.
Monday evening meal served at five o’clock; service begins at seven o’clock
Tuesday morning breakfast at eight o’clock with meetings until noon and then lunch will be served.
We have monthly meeting for men and boys of all ages.
The standard meeting entails an incredible breakfast on a Saturday morning, and a Bible study. These breakfasts usually begin at 8:30 and dismiss no later than 10:00. They are held in the church fellowship hall on the second Saturday of each month.
First Lady,  Allison Foote leads a monthly meeting for all of our church ladies. The meetings range from cooking and clothing to prayer and thanksgiving. Each month on the second Sunday a 4PM you can count on an uplifting time and wonderful fellowship with the other ladies of Grace. 
We provide a venue for retirement age folks to enjoy some time in Bible study with the Pastor
as well as a wonderful time of fellowship and Christian comradery and much, much more!
If that would include you, or someone you know please pass the word and plan to attend. This group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 1:15pm in the church fellowship hall.