Spirit-Filled Lady

Being a Spirit-filled Lady

          I have heard the role of a wife and mother described as the Holy Spirit presence in the home.  This causes me to wonder how I can act like the Holy Spirit?  I know many Scriptures describing Jesus Christ’s attributes, but what about the Spirit?

          The Spirit speaks in a still, small voice.  He doesn’t demand attention or respect, but He compels us to have a close relationship with Jesus by showing compassion, love, and forgiveness. He comforts us in sorrow and helps us bear the burdens of life. He will lead us to the Source of strength and reveal the Answer to life’s questions. 

          During my devotions a few days ago, I was struck by a passage in John 16 about the content of the Holy Spirit’s message.  He doesn’t speak of himself, but speaks whatever the Father tells Him. The Holy Spirit speaks to glorify the Father, not to voice His own opinion.

          These few things about the Holy Spirit are plenty of food for thought as we consider our actions and speech in our home.  Certainly there is more about the Holy Spirit than I have brought out, but think specifically about how He ministers to us in comparison to the way we minister to our own families.  Let’s begin to act like the Holy Spirit in our homes.

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