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Through the internet, we have an opportunity that was nearly impossible before. God has given us all the chance to preach the Gospel to the whole wide world!  We will post daily at and then share it on our various social media sites.

This online ministry has a daily theme: 

Message Monday

:  A study of the book of 1&2 Corinthians, authored by Pastor Foote.


Teen Tuesday

:  A conglomeration of comical pictures, biblical articles, and helpful thoughts orchestrated by Youth Pastor, Bro. Jon Lakie


We Pray Wednesday

: This will be a compilation of scriptural prayer promises, sermons on prayer, testimonies of answers to prayer, and quotes about prayer orchestrated by Bro. Robert Holley


Thoughtful Thursday

: A weekly message of inspiration with various biblical topics and illustrations, authored by Mrs. Melissa Cherry


Family Friday

:  Scriptural teaching on family relationships, orchestrated by Mrs. Emily Lakie.  We are thrilled to inform you that one article per month was provided by Dr. Robert Hooker and his dear wife Mrs. JoBeth Hooker, who are the founders and directors of Faith & Family Ministries.


The week in review

:  Each Saturday we will re-post things that garnered more attention or that we feel are most important and effective.


Sunday Says

: This day will have a variety of delightful articles and Christian comics.
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