My Reflection

My Reflection

Looking in the mirror, all I see is me: nothing exceptional, but I am special.

No matter what age, I will always be a child, for I am a child of God.

I do not desire to be the one who turns heads, nor do I desire to be the one who         gets ahead.

But I do desire to be the one drawn to Thee, for I do desire that others see         Christ in me.

I am just flesh and bones, a body that will soon waste away. But I gaze  at           myself, and Lord I do pray..

 That You will fill me with Your gentle Spirit, so that I may show others that You          are the only Way.

I pray You place many on my daily path and give words that reflect a humble      heart.

May I plant seeds of faith that allow them to see You, Lord, who has loved them          from the start.

Oh, let me be a reflection of Your love, Lord! Open their eyes so they may see

I desire nothing more than to allow You to glorify Yourself through me.